Wedding Dress Trends of 2016

From two pieces to corset tops, wedding dresses are taking a turn in the upcoming year.  Breaking from tradition, these dresses are pushing boundaries in all the right ways. Here are seven exotic dresses to look out for!

The Two Piece

Brides are moving away from the traditional one piece bridal gown and are choosing two piece gowns! The best part about this dress is that there so many endless possibilities!


Skin- Toned Lace

The traditional lace dress is taking a turn. Rather than lace overlying white, we’re seeing white on the colour nude. This sexy and elegant dress is nothing but flawless!


Brides are beginning to embrace the wonders of texture. Get ready to see this beautiful feathered dress walking down the aisle in the new year.


Brides are stepping away from the traditional white and picking floral print. Not only is this perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, this dress can be dressed down or up!IMG_1450

1920’s Flare

1920’s flare is making a come back, especially in bridal gowns. From a low cut back and beading head to toe, this dress will leave a groom speechless.

Corset Tops

Brides are moving away from the traditional top and turning to fabulous corsets! The best part about this elegant look is that it’s light and breezy for those hot summer weddings.



Bridesmaid Styles

When you’re thinking about your bridesmaids attire, you should never be thinking of just the dress! Sure the dress is important, but so are all the wonderful details that pull the outfit all together! To show you just how wonderful accessories can be, our team has put together 6 different bridesmaid style guides to help inspire your bridesmaids attire!

Navy & Diamonds

These long formal chiffon gowns can’t stand on their own, so it’s always best to pair them with accessories. Add some sparkle on top like these diamond earrings and tone it down with navy bow shoes!

Gatsby Inspired Shimmer

If you’re having a Gatsby themed wedding, don’t be afraid to play with the accessories! This is your chance to let your ladies take full advantage of your wedding theme. In this style guide, we have sparkles from head to toe with long sparkle earrings and glittery shoes! Your ladies will be looking as shimmer as ever!

Gold Accents

When you’re playing with a lighter colour palette, you don’t want to take too much attention away from your romantic dresses. Instead, pair your bridesmaid dresses with small gold or silver accents!



For those summer meadow weddings, this floral bridesmaid style is a must. Play with their dresses by mixing and matching different types of floral! As for the jewelry, leave things simple with small earrings and a floral headpiece!bridesmaiddress3

Blush Accents

Another way you can play with a accessories when dealing with a lighter colour palette is using accents of blush. All you need are pink basic heels and a floral wreath with accents of green!

Mind & Coral

When you’re working with bright coral colours, it’s best to play with white! In this style guide, we wanted to keep the summer theme using floral headpieces, while toning it down a notch with these adorable white flats!



Trending Wedding Food Trucks

Food trucks have become increasingly popular for outdoor summer weddings. From chip vans to taco trucks, these late night snacks will keep your guests happy late into the night! To help inspire your food truck hunt, we’ve assembled 5 adorable wedding food trucks that are trending right now!


No one can say no to a hot, fresh, homemade donut. Sweet or savoury, these donuts will have your guests keep coming back for more!


We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is the perfect snack to refresh your guests on a hot summers day. In a truck or in a cart, your guests won’t be able to resist this sweet temptation!


Pizzas are perfect for both day, and late night snacks. You can either have a variety of flavours or just stick to good old classic hawaiian. IMG_1441


You can also keep it simple with a local chip van. Who doesn’t love a few french fries after some late hours on the dance floor? You can even mix it up by adding a variety of dips!


Tacos are another great finger food to pass out to your guests. Although they’re a little messy, your guests still won’t be able to resist this delicious temptation!


6 Flawless Bridal Hairstyles

One of the hardest decisions a bride has to make is picking her hairstyle. Ultimately, there are so many ways you can go: do you have it up or do you have lose beach waves? At the end of the day, almost any hairstyle you pick will look absolutely flawless. The only hard part is making sure you’ve covered all the endless possibilities! So, to help make your hair style hunt go as fast as possible, we’ve put together 6 of our favourite looks so you can be sure you didn’t miss a style!

Beach Waves

There are so many different ways you can go with beach waves. Have it completely down, have it half up, or even add a headpiece! This charming hair style looks great on just about any bride!

Classic Bun

You can never go wrong picking this timeless hair style. You can even change it up by adding a simple head piece!


This hair style takes elegance to a whole new level. If you don’t want to stick to the classic up-do, this hair style is the way to go. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more flawless, top it off with a beautiful floral headpiece!

French Braid

If you’re looking for a unique loose up-do, the messy french braid is for you! This hair style looks absolutely flawless with a veil and best of all, it’s easy to do!

Twisted Bun

If you’re leaning towards the classic, bun but want something a little more unique, then check out this hairstyle! This chic hair style is surprisingly easy to do yourself and holds well late into the night!IMG_1415

Side Bun

Lots of brides are still rocking the side bun. This beauty of this timeless look is that it’s perfect for both formal or casual weddings!



DIY: How To Make A Bowtie

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bowtie for your groomsmen, you probably already know how difficult it can be. Not only is it tough to find the right colour and pattern, they can also be quite pricy. So, why not make your own! Don’t worry, no sewing skills are needed here. All you need is some fabric, glue and 7 easy steps!

– fabric scissors
– glue gun & glue sticks
– pencil
– fabric cut 7″x5″ (thicker fabric works better)
– elastic ribbon
– sewing needle

Step 1

First, use a pencil to sketch a light 5″x7″ outline and cut out the piece of fabric. Don’t sweat it if it’s not perfect because the edges will be folded in later.




Step 2

Next, take a hot glue gun and glue the edges of the long sides.DSC_0853


Step 3

Once you’ve glued both sides, fold them to meet halfway. Make sure you press it down while it dries!DSC_0869

Step 4

Next, glue the ends together and fold them halfway again.


Step 5

Once you’ve folded the ends together halfway, flip it over to the other side (one with no seams) and fold it so the edges match up. Next, pinch the bottom of the fold while flipping the ends to the side. This will help you give the folded bow shape.


Step 6

Now that you have the bow, one of the last steps is the strap! First cut out a small piece of fabric slightly wider than your preferred size. Just like the bow, glue the two edges and fold them halfway to the middle.


Step 7

Next, take the strap and wrap it around the bow. Be sure that the strap is placed exactly at the centre to make sure both sides are even. Glue each sides of the strap to the back of the bow. After, take an elastic band and thread it through the back. Finally, cut the elastic band to your preferred size. For this step it’s easier to tie it around your neck to measure it. Make sure it’s not too tight!

And voila, you’re done! Now that wasn’t so difficult was it? Now all your groomsmen will be looking as dapper as ever for your wedding!



7 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

As you might already know, hunting for the perfect groomsmen gift can be quite the challenge. Couples are always trying to find that perfect gift that’s personal, fun, and won’t break the bank. So, our wedding team took on the challenge and searched for these unique gifts. After some long hours of research, we found 7 unique items from independent Etsy designers that your groomsmen will be going crazy over!

Personalized Shaving Kits


Price: $97.20

Leather is always classy, and every man needs a shaving kit when they’re on the road, so why not do it in style! Not only will adding their name give them a personalized touch, these bags will last a lifetime!

Leather Key Chain

Recently Updated-001

Price: $18.69

Carrying on with a handmade, genuine leather theme, provide your friends with these keychains to add to the package!

Beer Bottle Opener & Catcher


Price: $31.45

These beer bottle openers are perfect above the bar ridge in any man cave. Not only do they look great, they perform even better! They keep your friends countertop edges safe and the beer flowing!

Personalized Cuff Links

Recently Updated1

Price: $56.34

Every man should have at least one shirt with French Cuffs, and to add to that some personalized cufflinks. Nothing shows that you know how to dress more than your own engraved cufflinks.

Leather Flask Set


Price: $109.66

Flasks are perfect for bringing along a little treat when you’re out and about. The beautiful leather covering and your friends name tooled into the leather makes this all the more special.

Personalized Pocket Knife


Price: $24.91

Knives are sweet, personalized knives are even better. Great for activities out in the wilderness, and always there when your in a pinch, these pocket knives are great to keep around.

Personalized Cigar Humidor


Price: $68.47

Every special occasion deserves a cigar, so why not keep some on hand? These cigar humidors will remind your friends of the great time they had at your wedding, and keep their stogies fresh!

sm 00219

6 Wedding Attire Trends for Groomsmen

Picking the wedding attire for the groom and his men is a tough decision to make: will they be wearing a bowtie, tie, jacket, or no jacket? Ultimately, there are so many different ways you could go about it. To help you throughout this overwhelming process, we wanted to inspire you with the latest groomsmen wedding attire trends to help kickstart your decision making!

Polka Dots


Instead of sticking to an ordinary suit, why not add some patterns! Polka dot bowties are a great way to add a touch of character to their charming look. And best of all, they’re versatile! Your groomsmen will be looking dapper no matter what season or location your wedding will be taking place in.

Shades of Grey


Light grey suits have become increasingly popular for summer weddings. The biggest advantage with these coloured suits is that they pair well with any other colour or pattern. If you want to keep the look subdued, we find that it’s best paired with other shades of patterned grey, with a small touch of vibrance using a green boutonniere!



If you don’t want to put your groom and his men in hot heavy suits but still want them to look as classy as ever, then this ones for you! For all those hot summer weddings, suspenders are a classy yet playful alternative to suit jackets. Not only will your groomsmen be looking sharp as ever, they also won’t be scorching in the heat!



Plaid ties have become increasingly popular in both every day fashion and wedding attire. Not only do they look stylish, they also mix well with other materials like silk, wool, cotton, or linen. Best of all, you can dress it down with khaki pants, or dress it up with a formal suit.

Rustic Boutonnieres

IMG_1103For all those rustic weddings, these snazzy rustic boutonnieres are just for you. Their soft look perfectly combines casual with charm. Top it off with a touch of lace and you’ll get the right amount of dash of rustic boldness!

Mix & Match


Fall weddings are the perfect opportunity for the groomsmen to get a little more creative with their wedding attire! With cooler weather and changing leaves, you can mix different shades of autumn colours with heavy plaid, cardigans, and tweed!


WedLuxe WS15 Floral Issue

We are so excited to announce that our feature is now published in WedLuxe’s WS15 Floral Issue! For this feature, we were not scared to play with colour! We wanted to keep it bold and elaborate, by combining a mixture of vibrant hues with accents of gold. To capture the full vibrance of tropical flowers, we used floral glass plates for the place settings and a combindation of pink and coral shades for the napkins. To top the whole look off, we added small textured details to the florals on the cake to give it that full and consistent look.

We couldn’t have created this ornate set-up if it weren’t for Violet Grey Creative’s beautiful stationary prints, Flower-z’s wonderful floral work, Culinary Capers Catering for the beautifully decorated cake, and of course, Jasalyn Thorne for beautifully capturing it all! Until next time, stay tuned for our next published feature in WedLuxe Magazine!




























Creative Wedding Beverage Stations

While you and the wedding party run off to take your photographs, you don’t want to be leaving the guests behind awfully parched. Sometimes setting up a mini bar station for guests to help themselves to one type of refreshment, is a nice way to keep them busy during these lengthly time gaps. To help get you started, here are just 9 creative wedding bars that we’ve fallen in love with!

Mimosa Bar


If you’re having a morning wedding, a mimosa bar is a fun and easy mini bar to prepare. All you need is a few bottles bubbly, orange juice, and some fresh cut fruit. Adding a variety of flavours will help keep your guests happy!

Sangria Station


Sangria is by far one of our top favourite summer beverages! Rather than letting your guests scorch in the heat, why not prepare two containers of sangria! Not only is this bar station refreshing, but its also an easy and cheap alternative!

Beer Garden


Having a beer garden at a wedding has become increasingly popular over the years. Aft first, the set-up may seem a bit daunting, but i’s actually quite easy to put together. Just buy however many kegs you would like (the more variety the better), and attach the other end of the tap to few boards. Remember to label them, and then pour away!

Water Bar


If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing for your guests, try having a mix of flavoured waters! Two of our personal favorites are lime mint or orange starwberry. Not only will this station clench your guests thirst, it takes little time to prepare!

Caesar Bar


Creating a caesar station is by no means an easy task. But once all the preparation work is finished, you’ll have no regrets! Since it’s a great cocktail no matter what hour in the day, it’s perfect for those morning or early afternoon ceremonies.

Juice Bar


When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a juice station. A juice bar is a great alternative when you have lots of little guests attending! If you do decide to have one, try and spice it up a little by adding a few different flavours!

Bourbon Bar


All of the bourbon lovers out there will be swooning over this one. Why not class your wedding bar up by combining a variety of classic bourbons! This is the perfect bar for any rustic inspired wedding theme.

Now the last word of advice we want to give before you pick your bar station, is to always be mindful of your wedding guests! While you may be more drawn to a cocktail of your personal choice, you have to ask yourself if its appropriate for the majority of your guests. Now with that in mind, go pick your bar and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it!


DIY: How to Make Your Own Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be costly, which is why we like to find new and creative ways for couples to save money when they’re running on a tighter budget. Making your own bouquet is just one of the many ways you can easily cut costs if you just do it yourself! Now don’t let the sounds this process daunt you! Making your own bouquet is actually surprisingly easy and we’ve provided you 8 easy steps to do it!

What You’ll Need:


  • a bundle of 20 flowers in three different colours of your choice
  • a roll of thick string
  • a rubber band (any colour will do)
  • baby breath flowers
  • a vase

Step 1


Start by pulling off the leaves from all the stems. This way you can avoid any odd leaves sticking out at the base of the bouquet.

Step 2:


Take an empty vase and place the flowers with the longest stems in first. Since this is the top part of the bouquet, it’s important you pick your favorite pieces.

Step 3:


When you have at least 5 flowers in the vase, hold them tightly at the base and slowly take them out. When you’re dealing with more than 5 flowers, you have more control holding them than keeping them in the vase. Next, adjust them into a round and even formation. Once you have that full rounded look, start adding more to the sides. As you place flowers further down the sides, make sure that they fold out properly so you get that full rounded look.

Step 4:


Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, wrap any rubber band around the stems and pull them up to the base. Make sure it’s holding the flowers firmly before letting go.

Step 5:


Next, take a thick string and wrap it around the rubber band till you can no longer see it. There’s no right way to do this, so do it as many times as you’d like and which ever direction you’d prefer! You can even finish it off with a small bow on the side.

Step 6:


If you want to add a little more life and character to the bouquet, place some small baby breath flowers in between the others. For this step, you don’t need to worry about having long stems because they seem to hold nicely together after pushing them in lightly.

Step 7:


Be sure to cut the stems at an even length. It’s okay if a few flowers have shorter stems. Just make sure they don’t sick out the sides.

Step 8:


Finally, remove any awkward pedals that may be sticking out at the top. You want to keep those main flowers holding that round structure. Leave the baby breath flowers sticking out a bit further than the rest so they add that unique sense of character to the piece.


And voila, it’s finished! Once you’ve completed all of the 8 steps, it should only take 30 minutes to do. Overall, we highly recommend this craft to just about anyone! It’s quick, cheap, easy, and most importantly, it’s fun to do!