Destination Wedding Planning in Vancouver

To start the planning process of any Destination Wedding, the first thing that happens is a meeting with the clients.

In this meeting we talk about:

  • What locations they are interested in
  • Price point for travel
  • Activities that their guests like to do or would be interested in
  • What kind of group is attending. Are they family and friends? What is their age range? Do they like to party or are they mellow?
  • Dates that they are considering.

We suggest at least one year in advance to a year and a half for planning. This is to ensure that we receive the rates that work for the group and also to give the guests enough time to pay for their trip.

After a meeting, we make suggestions on countries and properties that would work well for your wedding. With over 6 years of Destination Wedding experience, Forever True International Wedding Designs has travelled almost everywhere and built amazing relationships with not only the best resorts and their staff but with tour operators and local vendors as well. We also work with a specific travel agent who only deals with Destination Weddings to ensure that we receive the best rates for our clients.

To begin the planning process, we ask the clients to create a list of guests that they will be inviting to their wedding. We then send a “Save the Date” email to everyone letting them know that a Destination Wedding is being planned and the date that is being considered. Once the clients have chosen their location, we then go to our travel agent and request prices for their group. When we have received prices, we meet back with the client to go over the pros and cons. This can be the longest part of the planning process because weighing all options before making a decision is crucial to finding the perfect location for a client’s special day. If the prices and dates are not right, we will continue to work with our travel agent until we find a date and price that works. Once a final decision has been made, we will send all guests information and travel documents for them to fill out. After we receive the documents and their deposit, we are ready to start planning!

What we discuss during the planning process:

  •  Food and Beverages
  •  Location for the ceremony and reception
  •  Décor details (for examples you can take a look at our “Destination Wedding” galleries)
  •  Floral arrangements
  •  Photography

A Photographer is always brought with us to the destination from Vancouver. This way we have the freedom to have photos all throughout the week and do off site photo shoots, which are always the best! Local photographers can be very costly and often run by the hour. They also only give you a certain number of photos and we do not recommend it.

Over the next year, Forever True International Wedding Designs keeps in full contact with the resort. We give the clients a list of things that they need to have done and completion dates. We arrive at the destination a week before the group to finalize all of the Destination Wedding details with the resort and get everything ready for the client’s arrival. Due to large changes with resorts, the final week of planning is the most important part.

When the clients and the guests arrive, we are there to:

  • Greet all guests
  • Help get guests settled
  • Be on-call to the group
  • Take care of any legal paper work

We want to ensure that the Bride and Groom enjoy each others company and are as relaxed as possible. Forever True International Wedding Designs will correspond with all hotel staff and vendors throughout the Destination Wedding with our wedding day coordination.

To help the guests feel settled, we always put together an itinerary for the week so that they know what activities are planned and when. We make sure to have that ready for them in their room upon arrival, as well as welcome bags if that is something the clients wish to do. In some countries, we cannot always get our hands on items for weddings that are needed. (Ex. table linens, décor pieces, welcome bags). Any items that we need and cannot get at the destination will come with our wedding planners from Vancouver. We will arrange any activities that they are interested in, as well as ones that the clients have already planned for them. Forever True International Wedding Designs will be at the rehearsal, wedding day, all activities and also any off-site photo shoots for the client. With our Destination Wedding package, we take care of everything so that you and your guests can have fun, enjoy the sun and not have to worry about anything!

Destination Wedding Coordination starts at $3500 and may go up based on logistics and level of execution. After a consultation, we will give you a detailed quote on your wedding.