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Why You Need A Wedding Website

unnamed (3)Couples are catching on to the modern digital time, leaving paper behind and turning to online wedding websites. From what we’ve gathered, this transformation has generated a mix of feelings. Many couples are finding it quite useful during their busy stages of planning, while others are calling it narcissistic. Despite others doubts, we think wedding websites are becoming valuable tools during these crucial stages of planning, and we’ll give you 5 reasons why.

1. Easy Registry Access

Instead of trying to direct your guests to an online registry, why not direct them to your personal website! Not only does a personal website give you the flexibility of creating a registry after you send out the invitations, it also lets guests easily access your registry along with all your other important information!

2. Those Last Minute Changes

There are a lot of things you have to plan ahead of time before you send out those first save the date cards. Once those cards are mailed, everything is set in stone! So what happens if you later decide to change the location or time? Are you going to spend two days making 100 different phone calls to update each guest? Instead of trying to nail everything down on your invitations or making 100 phone calls when plans have changed, creating an online website gives you the flexibility you need when making those last minute changes, by informing your guests all in one place!

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

Doing everything on paper is nice, but it can also be costly. Not only does the cost of printing and shipping put a mark on your budget, it’s also affecting the environment! So whether you’re working within a tight budget or trying to lower your environmental footprint, we suggest using a free online website. Remember, every little bit helps!

4. Good For Directions

We know it’s not easy giving your guests explicit directions on a small invitation. But we can also assure you that you don’t want to be spending the last week before your wedding on the phone giving your guests directions. Instead, using a website allows you to easily upload your directions and map, so all of your guests can receive the same information all in one place! Your last week is crunch time, so don’t spend it on the phone!

5. Easy To Stay In-Touch With Guests

Lots of couples try to stay connected with their guests leading up to the wedding via email, phone, or text messaging. Instead of trying to manage a number of conversations scattered across a range of technologies and networks, why not create your own online network so guests can easily connect in one place. This way, you have a designated wedding space where you can connect with guests, and guests can connect with each other!

There are so many other reasons why you should be using a wedding website, but we hope we’ve already convinced you! If you decide to use a website, here are just a few great websites we’ve heard of that can help get you started! We hope this has been useful and we wish you the best of luck during your wedding planning ventures!






WedLuxe WS15 Floral Issue

We are so excited to announce that our feature is now published in WedLuxe’s WS15 Floral Issue! For this feature, we were not scared to play with colour! We wanted to keep it bold and elaborate, by combining a mixture of vibrant hues with accents of gold. To capture the full vibrance of tropical flowers, we used floral glass plates for the place settings and a combindation of pink and coral shades for the napkins. To top the whole look off, we added small textured details to the florals on the cake to give it that full and consistent look.

We couldn’t have created this ornate set-up if it weren’t for Violet Grey Creative’s beautiful stationary prints, Flower-z’s wonderful floral work, Culinary Capers Catering for the beautifully decorated cake, and of course, Jasalyn Thorne for beautifully capturing it all! Until next time, stay tuned for our next published feature in WedLuxe Magazine!




























Summer Wedding Trends of 2015

Since the summer season embraces a free-spirited nature, summer weddings tend to have a bit more leeway when it comes to creativity and play. Respectfully, every year we see an outpour of new and creative wedding trends for the upcoming summer season. This year, we’re seeing a range of trends from bold vibrant hues, to romantic neutral accents.

Colours: Bright & Relaxed Neutrals

bold colours

To encompass that bright look of summer, we’ve been seeing bold floral combinations of pink, blue, and orange. Paired with subdued neutrals, the arrangements maintain a colour scheme balance, while still achieving that bold flourishing impact.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Mix & Match

Mix and match

Rather than sticking with one style and colour bridesmaid dress, we’ve been increasingly seeing the mixing and matching trend! As long as you play with neutral colour schemes, this is a unique way of letting your ladies express themselves, while tying them nicely together.

Bridal Crowns

crown head piece

This is a twist from the natural up-do: adding a bridal crown as your headpiece! This simplistic and elegant touch is quite versatile, as it suits any bride from a big ballroom style, to an outdoors rustic inspired wedding.

Cakes: Texture & Floral

floral wedding cakes

We’ve been increasingly seeing floral decor being used as cake toppers in the upcoming summer trends. While topping a cake with a touch of natural beauty, giving the sides some character by adding some texture creates more depth and helps achieve that unity!

Rustic Boutonnieres

vintage suit

These snazzy rustic boutonnieres have grown popular in these summer wedding trends. While their subdued presence combines casual and charm, topping it off with a touch of lace gives that perfect dash of rustic boldness.

Leaf Place Cards

Leaf Placesetting

Like we always say, details are everything! Rather than using the traditional paper place cards, couples are beginning to add a natural touch to their table settings by using leaf place cards. This wee detail wholeheartedly brings creativity and natural beauty to the table!

Coral Accents

coral lips 1

While adding a touch of coral hue to your lips and nails may seem a bit daring and far from the traditional norm, we believe it finishes that fresh and summery look. Along with it’s eye-catching boldness, it adds a dash of sophistication and romance to the brides finishing look!


10 Urban Wedding Venues Near Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Urban Winery grew to be one of the most sought after wedding venues in Vancouver. With its urban barn and modern rustic look, it allowed guests to escape into the country side while in the heart of downtown Vancouver. While Vancouver Urban Winery no longer hosts private events, the urban kick still carries on as couples try to find similar venues. In light of this high demand, we took it upon ourselves to search for the top 10 local venues to ensure couples get that perfect urban themed fit!

1. Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

Located in the heart of Yaletown, this community centre is Vancouver’s oldest heritage building located on its original site. With a maximum capacity of 350 guests, this rustic inspired venue is perfect for a large scale wedding.



2. Mt Lehman Winery

Located in the outskirts of Abbotsford, this family owned boutique winery is the perfect back drop for a rustic wedding. While receptions are usually held outdoors, this venue is best for an intimate outdoor wedding.





3. Bridges Restaurant

Bridges has grown to be one of Vancouver’s best wedding venues. With its rustic charm and incredible location in Granville island,  it offers an intimate rustic feel while overlooking the city lights!




4. Saar Bank Farm

In the quiet outskirts of Abbotsford lays Saar Bank Farm, located in the Sumas Prairies. With its beautifully hung chandeliers, this barn combines the urban vintage look with a touch of modern glamour. While only the top floor is open, this barn is best for intimate small scale weddings.




5. Big Sky Golf & Country Club

Just 25 minutes from Whistler, you’ll find the Big Sky Golf & Country Club located in Pemberton, B.C. With its majestic backdrop of Mount Currie, this urban lodge is the perfect venue for both summer and winter weddings.

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6. Shaughnessy Restaurant

Just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver is Shaughnessy Restaurant. With its newly renovated patio overlooking the Van Duesen gardens, it combines urban west coast style with a classic charm. Here, you can have your ceremony in the gardens and dance the night away on the beautiful patio!



7. Merridale Estate Winery

In a small community on Vancouver Island is an adorable winery located in Cobble Hill. Located approximately 45 kilometres north of Victoria, this secluded yet majestic property is the perfect backdrop for a rustic urban wedding. This beautiful patio, surrounded by trees, is a romantic setting for a reception.





 8. V Lounge

At the top of Earls restaurant located in the heart of Yaletown, you’ll find the V Lounge. While having an Earls wedding is a little unorthodox, we can assure you that this lounge will have your jaw dropping! This trendy lounge mixed with a rustic look with a touch of modern funk, is the  perfect venue for a small scale urban wedding!





9. Birds Eye Cove Farm

Birds Eye Cove Farm sits just on the outskirts of Vancouver Island in Duncan, B.C.  While this venue is a little out of the way, we can assure you it will not disappoint! With its large barrels and sky high beams, this location lets you embrace the urban barn theme wholeheartedly!




10. SFU Diamond Alumni Centre

Last, but certainly not least, is the SFU Diamond Alumni Centre located on Burnaby Mountain. With its beautiful panoramic view of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore mountains, this urban inspired venue offers the perfect backdrop for a larger scale wedding.




DIY: How to Make Your Own Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be costly, which is why we like to find new and creative ways for couples to save money when they’re running on a tighter budget. Making your own bouquet is just one of the many ways you can easily cut costs if you just do it yourself! Now don’t let the sounds this process daunt you! Making your own bouquet is actually surprisingly easy and we’ve provided you 8 easy steps to do it!

What You’ll Need:


  • a bundle of 20 flowers in three different colours of your choice
  • a roll of thick string
  • a rubber band (any colour will do)
  • baby breath flowers
  • a vase

Step 1


Start by pulling off the leaves from all the stems. This way you can avoid any odd leaves sticking out at the base of the bouquet.

Step 2:


Take an empty vase and place the flowers with the longest stems in first. Since this is the top part of the bouquet, it’s important you pick your favorite pieces.

Step 3:


When you have at least 5 flowers in the vase, hold them tightly at the base and slowly take them out. When you’re dealing with more than 5 flowers, you have more control holding them than keeping them in the vase. Next, adjust them into a round and even formation. Once you have that full rounded look, start adding more to the sides. As you place flowers further down the sides, make sure that they fold out properly so you get that full rounded look.

Step 4:


Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, wrap any rubber band around the stems and pull them up to the base. Make sure it’s holding the flowers firmly before letting go.

Step 5:


Next, take a thick string and wrap it around the rubber band till you can no longer see it. There’s no right way to do this, so do it as many times as you’d like and which ever direction you’d prefer! You can even finish it off with a small bow on the side.

Step 6:


If you want to add a little more life and character to the bouquet, place some small baby breath flowers in between the others. For this step, you don’t need to worry about having long stems because they seem to hold nicely together after pushing them in lightly.

Step 7:


Be sure to cut the stems at an even length. It’s okay if a few flowers have shorter stems. Just make sure they don’t sick out the sides.

Step 8:


Finally, remove any awkward pedals that may be sticking out at the top. You want to keep those main flowers holding that round structure. Leave the baby breath flowers sticking out a bit further than the rest so they add that unique sense of character to the piece.


And voila, it’s finished! Once you’ve completed all of the 8 steps, it should only take 30 minutes to do. Overall, we highly recommend this craft to just about anyone! It’s quick, cheap, easy, and most importantly, it’s fun to do!



Trending Wedding Colours for 2016


Looking for some visual inspiration for your upcoming wedding? Look no further!  We’ve combined all of the upcoming colour trends for 2016 to help make your colour selection as breezy as possible!

The top trending colours:


Each of these top 20 shades are a perfect base to start from when you’re choosing your wedding colours. When you first start picking, you must first be mindful of the season! The colours above are arranged according to seasons with the top three rows paired with spring and summer, the fourth row fall, and the last row winter.

When choosing your colours, its best to chose 1-2 primary shades, with 2 accents to set the tone. When choosing your primary shades, its best to pick ones with more hue and pair them with neutral accent colours. This way, those accent shades will give the primary colours that full pop, and you’ll have a lot more to work with when picking your flowers or center pieces.


Our top 6 colours we’re looking forward to the most!

To help visualize the colours, we’ve picked our top 6 favorite shades that we’re looking forward to the most in 2016!


Pink dust, crimson, & electric purple.


The first three colours include pink dust, crimson, and electric purple. The light pink palette offers a soft elegant look and is best used for that modern-vintage wedding you’ve always wanted. If you’d rather show off your flair, then you might want to pick crimson! This vibrant hue is the perfect shade for that summer-fall transformation. It offers that perfect balance between the blossoming colours of summer and the warm crisp colours of autumn. Finally, the electric purple speaks volumes to personality! This free-spirited palette is the perfect primary for an outdoor spring wedding and is best paired with pastel green.

Saffron, coral, & bubble-gum pink.


Our last three favorite picks are saffron, coral, and bubble-gum pink. Saffron orange is the perfect colour for that spring, summer, or fall wedding! This versatile and playful palette is best complemented with a light blue or green accent.  If you’re having a mid-summer wedding, then our personal favorite is the coral. Packed full of energy, this bold color stands well on it’s own when it’s paired with neutral shades. If you’re wanting more of a fairy-tale wedding, then bubble-gum pink is the best fit! This romantic and sunshiny hue is the perfect colour for that extravagant spring wedding! Have fun with this palette and pair it with other shades of pink! This is one of the few primary colors you can mix and match with similar shades to get that full blossoming look.

If you already have a colour in mind and it’s not in the top trending colours for 2016, don’t sweat it! This is just a fun base to start from if you’re having problems deciding. Ultimately, you can never go wrong when it comes to picking that primary colour. Just be sure to consider what best represents you as a couple, always be mindful of the season, and have fun with it!

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Where to Start When Planning a Wedding

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Any former bride what would agree that making those first wedding decisions are the hardest part of planning a wedding. Upon getting engaged, couples are faced with the reality that they have a whole day of wedding ventures to plan! Once ideas start flooding, couples can get too ahead of themselves and begin to feel overwhelmed. The problem is, couples have a tendency to start at the wrong place and make decisions at the wrong time. So the golden question is, where is the right place to start when planning a wedding and what are the best ways to go about doing them?

Start a binder

unnamed (4)

First and foremost, couples need to start a wedding binder. Our Forever True team always like to emphasize the importance of organization. When couples are feeling overwhelmed, the wedding binder can help document the couples ideas, store finalized decisions, and help keep track of the couples progress. In keeping a binder, you’ll feel more in control and more at ease.

Create a budget

unnamed (2)

When creating a budget, you want to be realistic. This is where couples can get too ahead of themselves during the initial stages of wedding planning. In setting a realistic budget, you want to ensure that it isn’t too low, or too high. To find that middle ground, you have to research like you’ve never researched before! Talk to the experts in the area, get quotes, and most importantly, compare prices!  

Before you finalize any decisions, be sure to talk to the parents to see if they’re able to contribute to your wedding fund. If they can, make sure to get the exact amount so you know the exact number you’re dealing with. Nowadays, it’s becoming more common for parents to pay for only the drinks, flowers, or the honeymoon. 

In the possibility that prices may fluctuate, couples should give themselves a bit of flexibility within their budget to provide them some leeway. Once you’ve created a rough budget plan, start making a priority list of the things that are most important to you. For instance, what parts of the wedding are you willing to spend a little more on and what other areas of your budget are you willing to sacrifice? Creating this list can provide couples some leeway when they’re making final decisions later on.

Make the guest list 

unnamed (1)

At this stage creating your guest list may seem a bit early, but it’s important to remind yourself that your guest list is a large determinant of both your budget and your venue. For this reason, it’s important to know during these early stages how many people you need to accommodate and if its reasonably within your budget. If your budget flexibility isn’t enough to cover the costs, we highly recommend you to go back to your budget and cut costs in areas that are at the bottom of your priority list.

Pick your venue


When picking your venue, you have to consider two things: how many people you need to accommodate and is it reasonably within your budget. You should also take the season into consideration and do some research on the weather so you don’t pick an outdoor venue in the middle rainy season! Lastly, you should consider what venue best suits you as a couple. Are you more of a folk inspired outdoorsy couple? Or are you a couple that longs for extravagant ballrooms? These questions can serve as useful starting points when trying to narrow down to one venue.

Pick your colours

unnamed (5)

Once your budget, venue, and guest list are all set in stone, you should start picking your colors! As a starting point, you want to consider whether or not you’re having a themed wedding. Themed weddings are an easy way to start collecting a list of colors that best suit your theme. Another great starting point is to chose a few flowers you may want to use for your centerpieces. Again, you should be mindful of your wedding date and the season it will be in.

Now the fun stuff!


Once you’ve made these first decisions, it gets much easier. Now you can do all those things you’ve been patiently waiting to do! Go pick your invitations, go get your wedding dress, and pick your flowers! Just remember to work within your budget and always stick to your priority list!


Photograph from: Style Me Pretty, Oh So Beautiful Paper.


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Scott + Michaela Los Cabos, Day After Photo Shoot

My favorite part about any Destination Wedding is being able to go and explore where you are! The wedding has gone off without a hitch, the bride and groom are relaxed, happy and even more in love if possible.
The day is ours to take everything in, explore the area and just let the couple be while we capture all the moments. Some brides do like to “trash the dress”, not meaning literally in every case, but some just like to get away with their man and take some romantic photos now that things are calmer.
Scott + Michaela had a wonderful day with Steve Bebb, taking in the local towns and admiring the beautiful beaches.

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WedLuxe published our wedding of Shardae & Dan

FOREVER TRUE WEDDING PLANNING AND DESIGN provided full-service event planning and design services for Shardae and Dan’s wedding on September 4, 2011 at the SUTTON PLACE HOTEL VANCOUVER. “We wanted the feeling to be elegant, classy and modern with touches of a vintage feel. We also wanted our guests to feel warm and welcomed at a modern and trendy downtown urban wedding, reflecting our own lifestyle,” says Shardae.All of their wedding day stationery was created by Michelle Mark and Tara Thorp through the stationery division of Forever True Wedding Planning and Design.

“Tara designed all of our stationery by picking all the colors and styles of the paper. We wanted the look of the stationery to reflect our overall vision. Using different textures and colours, it all came together and looked amazing. It’s important that from the first invite everything works together. Once we put all of that together, Michelle Mark, Tara’s designer, did all the graphic work and assembled everything. In the end there were invites, RSVPs, escort-cards, menus, programs, and favor boxes. It looked amazing!” says Shardae.