Trending Wedding Colours for 2016


Looking for some visual inspiration for your upcoming wedding? Look no further!  We’ve combined all of the upcoming colour trends for 2016 to help make your colour selection as breezy as possible!

The top trending colours:


Each of these top 20 shades are a perfect base to start from when you’re choosing your wedding colours. When you first start picking, you must first be mindful of the season! The colours above are arranged according to seasons with the top three rows paired with spring and summer, the fourth row fall, and the last row winter.

When choosing your colours, its best to chose 1-2 primary shades, with 2 accents to set the tone. When choosing your primary shades, its best to pick ones with more hue and pair them with neutral accent colours. This way, those accent shades will give the primary colours that full pop, and you’ll have a lot more to work with when picking your flowers or center pieces.


Our top 6 colours we’re looking forward to the most!

To help visualize the colours, we’ve picked our top 6 favorite shades that we’re looking forward to the most in 2016!


Pink dust, crimson, & electric purple.


The first three colours include pink dust, crimson, and electric purple. The light pink palette offers a soft elegant look and is best used for that modern-vintage wedding you’ve always wanted. If you’d rather show off your flair, then you might want to pick crimson! This vibrant hue is the perfect shade for that summer-fall transformation. It offers that perfect balance between the blossoming colours of summer and the warm crisp colours of autumn. Finally, the electric purple speaks volumes to personality! This free-spirited palette is the perfect primary for an outdoor spring wedding and is best paired with pastel green.

Saffron, coral, & bubble-gum pink.


Our last three favorite picks are saffron, coral, and bubble-gum pink. Saffron orange is the perfect colour for that spring, summer, or fall wedding! This versatile and playful palette is best complemented with a light blue or green accent.  If you’re having a mid-summer wedding, then our personal favorite is the coral. Packed full of energy, this bold color stands well on it’s own when it’s paired with neutral shades. If you’re wanting more of a fairy-tale wedding, then bubble-gum pink is the best fit! This romantic and sunshiny hue is the perfect colour for that extravagant spring wedding! Have fun with this palette and pair it with other shades of pink! This is one of the few primary colors you can mix and match with similar shades to get that full blossoming look.

If you already have a colour in mind and it’s not in the top trending colours for 2016, don’t sweat it! This is just a fun base to start from if you’re having problems deciding. Ultimately, you can never go wrong when it comes to picking that primary colour. Just be sure to consider what best represents you as a couple, always be mindful of the season, and have fun with it!

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Scott + Michaela Los Cabos, Day After Photo Shoot

My favorite part about any Destination Wedding is being able to go and explore where you are! The wedding has gone off without a hitch, the bride and groom are relaxed, happy and even more in love if possible.
The day is ours to take everything in, explore the area and just let the couple be while we capture all the moments. Some brides do like to “trash the dress”, not meaning literally in every case, but some just like to get away with their man and take some romantic photos now that things are calmer.
Scott + Michaela had a wonderful day with Steve Bebb, taking in the local towns and admiring the beautiful beaches.

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Scott + Michaela Dreams Los Cabos

The wedding week was everything that I could have planned for this wonderful couple. Scott adores Michaela to pieces and he did everything he could to make sure the bride had a smile on her face the whole week. Michaela worked so hard planning with me to make sure that we had everything taken care of. She wanted to show up, soak up the sun and just enjoy all the people that were there with her, and that is what she did.

Destination Weddings are so much more than just being away. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get all the people you love in one place for a week!
The melding of family and friends along with lifelong memories were captured by one of my favorites Steve Bebb. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful photographer with me. Thank you Steve!
Scott and Michaela I wish you all the happiness and hope that you smile as much as I do when you look at these photos!

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WedLuxe published our wedding of Shardae & Dan

FOREVER TRUE WEDDING PLANNING AND DESIGN provided full-service event planning and design services for Shardae and Dan’s wedding on September 4, 2011 at the SUTTON PLACE HOTEL VANCOUVER. “We wanted the feeling to be elegant, classy and modern with touches of a vintage feel. We also wanted our guests to feel warm and welcomed at a modern and trendy downtown urban wedding, reflecting our own lifestyle,” says Shardae.All of their wedding day stationery was created by Michelle Mark and Tara Thorp through the stationery division of Forever True Wedding Planning and Design.

“Tara designed all of our stationery by picking all the colors and styles of the paper. We wanted the look of the stationery to reflect our overall vision. Using different textures and colours, it all came together and looked amazing. It’s important that from the first invite everything works together. Once we put all of that together, Michelle Mark, Tara’s designer, did all the graphic work and assembled everything. In the end there were invites, RSVPs, escort-cards, menus, programs, and favor boxes. It looked amazing!” says Shardae.


Destination Wedding Published In Real Weddings Magazine

We are very happy to share the Real Weddings Magazine editorial on Amber & Tyler’s Destination Wedding in Mexico. It was a pleasure working on this destination wedding and making it elegant and glamorous. At Forever True Wedding Planning and Design we plan Local and Destination Weddings which you can read more on below.

There are two kinds of weddings, according to Tara Thorp, principal planner with Forever True Wedding Planning and Design. There are local weddings, which are about the couple, and then there are destination weddings, which are about the guests. “Destination weddings are more about the romance of the location, not necessarily about the location itself,” says Tara. One challenge with getting the elegance and glam that Amber wanted was the uncertainty of vendors in Mexico. To get around that, Tara brought everything she could from Vancouver. “I brought the paper and stationery, even the linens. Basically, if I could get it in a tote-bag, it came with me,” says Tara.

Read more: http://blog.realweddings.ca/cancun-capers/#ixzz1l5w3sEbC