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6 Wedding Attire Trends for Groomsmen

Picking the wedding attire for the groom and his men is a tough decision to make: will they be wearing a bowtie, tie, jacket, or no jacket? Ultimately, there are so many different ways you could go about it. To help you throughout this overwhelming process, we wanted to inspire you with the latest groomsmen wedding attire trends to help kickstart your decision making!

Polka Dots


Instead of sticking to an ordinary suit, why not add some patterns! Polka dot bowties are a great way to add a touch of character to their charming look. And best of all, they’re versatile! Your groomsmen will be looking dapper no matter what season or location your wedding will be taking place in.

Shades of Grey


Light grey suits have become increasingly popular for summer weddings. The biggest advantage with these coloured suits is that they pair well with any other colour or pattern. If you want to keep the look subdued, we find that it’s best paired with other shades of patterned grey, with a small touch of vibrance using a green boutonniere!



If you don’t want to put your groom and his men in hot heavy suits but still want them to look as classy as ever, then this ones for you! For all those hot summer weddings, suspenders are a classy yet playful alternative to suit jackets. Not only will your groomsmen be looking sharp as ever, they also won’t be scorching in the heat!



Plaid ties have become increasingly popular in both every day fashion and wedding attire. Not only do they look stylish, they also mix well with other materials like silk, wool, cotton, or linen. Best of all, you can dress it down with khaki pants, or dress it up with a formal suit.

Rustic Boutonnieres

IMG_1103For all those rustic weddings, these snazzy rustic boutonnieres are just for you. Their soft look perfectly combines casual with charm. Top it off with a touch of lace and you’ll get the right amount of dash of rustic boldness!

Mix & Match


Fall weddings are the perfect opportunity for the groomsmen to get a little more creative with their wedding attire! With cooler weather and changing leaves, you can mix different shades of autumn colours with heavy plaid, cardigans, and tweed!