Creative Wedding Beverage Stations

While you and the wedding party run off to take your photographs, you don’t want to be leaving the guests behind awfully parched. Sometimes setting up a mini bar station for guests to help themselves to one type of refreshment, is a nice way to keep them busy during these lengthly time gaps. To help get you started, here are just 9 creative wedding bars that we’ve fallen in love with!

Mimosa Bar


If you’re having a morning wedding, a mimosa bar is a fun and easy mini bar to prepare. All you need is a few bottles bubbly, orange juice, and some fresh cut fruit. Adding a variety of flavours will help keep your guests happy!

Sangria Station


Sangria is by far one of our top favourite summer beverages! Rather than letting your guests scorch in the heat, why not prepare two containers of sangria! Not only is this bar station refreshing, but its also an easy and cheap alternative!

Beer Garden


Having a beer garden at a wedding has become increasingly popular over the years. Aft first, the set-up may seem a bit daunting, but i’s actually quite easy to put together. Just buy however many kegs you would like (the more variety the better), and attach the other end of the tap to few boards. Remember to label them, and then pour away!

Water Bar


If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing for your guests, try having a mix of flavoured waters! Two of our personal favorites are lime mint or orange starwberry. Not only will this station clench your guests thirst, it takes little time to prepare!

Caesar Bar


Creating a caesar station is by no means an easy task. But once all the preparation work is finished, you’ll have no regrets! Since it’s a great cocktail no matter what hour in the day, it’s perfect for those morning or early afternoon ceremonies.

Juice Bar


When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a juice station. A juice bar is a great alternative when you have lots of little guests attending! If you do decide to have one, try and spice it up a little by adding a few different flavours!

Bourbon Bar


All of the bourbon lovers out there will be swooning over this one. Why not class your wedding bar up by combining a variety of classic bourbons! This is the perfect bar for any rustic inspired wedding theme.

Now the last word of advice we want to give before you pick your bar station, is to always be mindful of your wedding guests! While you may be more drawn to a cocktail of your personal choice, you have to ask yourself if its appropriate for the majority of your guests. Now with that in mind, go pick your bar and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it!