8 Creative Bridesmaid Proposals

Asking your ladies to be your bridesmaids is a special moment, so why not be creative with it! There are so many different ways you could ask them. After long hours of research of Pinterest, we came across 8 fun, and memorable ways of popping the question!

1. A Ring Card

We love this idea of adding a simple necklace to a card to make a ring. Not only is this proposal affordable, it’s also easy to do! Just print out your design on thick piece of paper, cut lines on either side of the paper, and line the necklace up with your “diamond”.

2. The Balloon

Adding a note with some confetti into a balloon is a fun way to literally, pop the question! Despite the mess, it’s an adorable and memorable way to ask your girl to be your bridesmaid.

3. Customized Wine Label

IMG_0746Creating a customized wine label and adding it to a bottle of rose, is a creative way to ask your ladies to stand by your side on your big day. Not only does it give you a chance to have some laughs over a glass of wine, they can keep the bottle and use it as a sentimental vase.

4. Customized Candle

All ladies loves candles, which is why you can never go wrong with making a personalized candle. All you need to do is glue your printed design onto any ordinary candle!

5. Colourful Cards

You don’t always have to be fancy. Sometimes giving a beautifully designed card is all you need! Have some fun with these by adding bright colours with some calligraphy.

6. Treasure Box

Giving a treasure box full of goods is a great way to pop the question to your ladies. Put in a few soaps, nail polish, lip gloss, and some chocolates!

7. Crossword Puzzle

Creating a customized crossword puzzle is a creative way to send more than a question. Letting them fill in the missing blanks can be a fun way to also send a sentimental message.

8. Drink Tags


Starting a girls night by sneaking a few bridesmaid drink tags to your cocktails is a simple, yet fun way to ask your ladies! All you need is a little glitter and a few placement cards!